Price per pound
Tenderloin 11
Loin Chops 8.75
Sandwich Ham 9
Shoulder Roast- 8.50
Belly Bacon, 10
Jowl Bacon 10
Italian Sausage 9
Chorizo 9
Bratwurst 9
Seasoned Pork Burgers 9
Sage Bulk 9
Sage Patties 9 
Sage Piggy Links 9
Ground Pork- 9
St. Louis Ribs- 6
Bulk Purchasing

How we raise them

As is the case with all of our animals, the pigs are in an environment that most allows them to display their species specific habits, which in the case of pigs means grazing, rooting and wallowing. These heritage breed pigs graze over our pastures, taking in large amounts of grass and legumes. They are supplemented with non-GMO grains and organic supplements.


The final product

The hogs are processed between 6-8 months of age when they reach around 280 pounds, producing well marbled, flavorful pork. Our pork is available by the retail cut at the various MARKETS we attend, through our CSA.