How it started

So it all started quite innocently. I wanted GOOD bacon for BLTs. The perfect summer meal in my world will forever consist of wheat bread, lettuce piled high, perfectly ripe heirloom tomatoes and GOOD bacon! Knowing the joy we have found in raising the animals that provide the rest of the meat, we decided to get a pig....and well, one pig led to another!


How we raise them

As is the case with all of our animals, the pigs are in an environment that most allows them to display their species specific habits, which in the case of pigs means grazing, rooting and wallowing. The pigs graze over our pastures, taking in large amounts of grass and legumes. They also get treats of whatever is in season including pumpkins, hickory nuts, walnuts, seconds from the garden, wind fallen apples and so on. Non-GMO grains and organic supplements are also provided for the pigs.


The final product

The hogs are processed between 6-8 months of age when they reach around 280 pounds, producing 140- 160 pounds of delicious pork. No need to dress it up and fuss over it (although you can if you want!). It is well marbled and carries a wonderfully rich flavor without any help. Our pork is available by the retail cut at the various MARKETS we attend and through our CSA.