Grassfed Beef

Price per pound


Filet 24

Ribeye Steak 21

NY Strip Steak 21

Flat Iron Steak 16

Flank Steak 16

Skirt Steak 16

Flap Steak 16

Sirloin 15

Sirloin Tip Roast 15

Chuck Roast 14

Brisket 14

Arm Roast 14

Eye of Round 11

Stew Meat 9

Ground Beef  9

Short Ribs 7

Marrow Bones- 6


Liver 4


Bulk Purchasing


The cattle spend the spring, summer and fall grazing over lush pastures before being transitioned to hay in the winter. They do not receive any kind of grain or grain by-products. Growth hormones or routine antibiotics are not used on the cattle. Grassfed beef is good and good for you! Beef is available through our CSA and occasionally at the various MARKETS we attend. Note: Beginning in the summer of 2012 the beef sold by our farm is produced in partnership with another Indiana farmer who adheres to the same management practices our customers have come to expect from us.