Laying Hens-

Pastured & Free-Ranged

The ladies are happy to be free ranging on pasture inside a protective electric fence. They chase after bugs, take dust baths in the sun and forage for legumes. We supplement their diet with non-GMO grains and organic supplements. We pamper them like crazy and they thank us each day when we gather their eggs! The first thing new customers notice in our eggs is the bright orange yolk compared to pale yolked eggs from confinement raised birds. Then comes the flavor…wonderful! What are not so obvious though are the health benefits of eating eggs from hens that free range on pasture. Pastured hens that are free ranging produce eggs with more Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A as well as less cholesterol than the conventionally raised variety. There are many variables that determine what the eggs in the carton you buy from us will look like throughout the year. The age of the hens, breed of the hens, length of daylight, available forage and bugs, temperature and supplemental feed all play a part in what the hens produce. We do not attempt to mask the seasonality and diversity of our flock- we embrace it! Learn more about the seasons of our flock.