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Our Story

The land which is now Schacht Farm has been owned by Mandy's family since the late sixties. Her grandparents purchased the farm once owned by the Schacht family, a German family who ran a dairy called the Jersey Joy. We named the farm after this family because of the lasting impression they left here and the way their values closely reflect our own. From letters and sermons written by Oscar Schacht we learned that he was a Godly man who treated people fairly and was quite content to choose the right thing instead of the popular thing. He had a passion for raising healthy animals, naturally. The structures Oscar built on the farm, including the milkhouse (now our home), barn, tile silos and limestone bridge, were all constructed using the most long lasting materials and the finest craftsmanship. He built things to last, being mindful of how they could impact future generations.

Years later, we manage the land and animals with the same level of stewardship. In 2005 we started became more aware of what we were eating, where it came from and how it was raised. The farm grew out of an effort to produce more of our own food. We added laying hens, some broilers, then a few steers and hogs. Each year our flocks and herds have grown, as well as our knowledge of how best to care for them. Customers who have supported us since we started, continue to do so, as do many new folks who are becoming increasingly aware of where their food comes from. We consider ourselves so very fortunate not only because we get to spend our days laboring at something we truly enjoy, but because of the folks we are privileged to meet along the way. When we thank customers for trusting us to provide food for their families, we do so knowing just how much it matters to them and to us.

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