Bulk Purchasing- Pork

  • Our pastured hogs produce an average of 70 lbs. for half a hog (140 for a whole hog) of delicious pork, cut and wrapped to customer specifications. These numbers are an average- customers are charged based on the exact weight of what they receive. 

  • Transportation to and from the processors, processing costs and curing costs (if desired) are included.

  • Customers may pick up their pork at any market we attend or at our farm.

  • Required freezer space for half a hog is around 2.75 cubic feet (5.5 cubic feet for a whole).

  • We require a $100 non-refundable deposit per half a hog ($200 per whole) when placing your order. 

  • By submitting an order form and deposit, customer agrees to pick up pork within 30 days of being contacted.

  • Is a half a hog too much for your needs, consider purchasing one of our bundles.

  • Would you like to save more by purchasing in larger quantities? Considering splitting an order with a friend or family member.


Ready to order? Simply complete the order form found below for the appropriate amount (whole or half) and send it to the address on the form. Please include a check for the deposit amount.


Half Hog average cost breakdown-$6.90/ lb. x 70 lbs.=$483

Whole Hog average cost breakdown-$6.70/ lb. x 140 lbs.=$938

Have questions before ordering or need help with the order form? email us