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How we raise them

We believe chickens are the happiest and healthiest in an environment where they can most easily display their "chicken-ness". The first two weeks of life are spent in a brooder (baby chick nursery) that is warmed by a heat lamp. At two weeks old, after their feathers begin to come in, we move the birds out to pasture. The chickens have constant access to fresh air and sunlight, eliminating the need for chemicals that are used on factory farms. Our chickens eat grass, bugs, non-GMO grains and organic supplements. The shelters we provide protect them from harsh wind, hard rain and the scorching sun. Our guard dogs and electric fences keep them safe from predators. In the absence of these stresses the birds grow beautifully without the use of chemicals of any kind.

The result

The day old chicks grow to a dressed weight of 4-5 pounds when they are processed. Each bird is processed humanely and in a way that ensures proper sanitation. The meat has a more rich flavor than conventionally raised chickens due to their diverse diet of grass and bugs. Because the birds are exercising their muscles on pasture, the meat has a more firm consistency as well as a more dense texture to it than those raised in confinement. We sell both whole and by the cut chicken at the various markets we attend, through our CSA, and in bulk .

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