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For updates on how and where to purchase products find us on Instagram and Facebook @schachtfarm

Indy Customers:

-The Broad Ripple Farmers' Market is located in the lot behind the Glendale Shopping Center at 6179 N. Rural Ave. and is open from 8-12. Beginning Nov 7th we will move into the lower level of the old Macy's just across the street from the outdoor market where customers can find us each Saturday throughout the winter (no market Nov 28 or Dec 26).

Bloomington Customers:

- Bloomington Winter Farmers' Market In the Summer runs every Saturday from 8-12 at The Woolery Mill located at 2250 W Sunstone Dr. Beginning Nov 7th we will move to Switchyard Park where customers can find us each Saturday throughout the winter (no market Nov 28 or Dec 26). 

- People's Market- Customers may pre-order our meat bundles and eggs directly through the People's Market for drive-thru pick up each Saturday. 

-Bethel Lane Farm Stop- Stop by to shop from our selection of pork and eggs as well offerings from many other local farmers. 

We raise free-range chickens for eggs and meat, pastured hogs as well as grassfed (and finished) cattle in south-central Indiana. Both the land and the animals are managed naturally, without the use of chemicals of any kind. Animals are raised outdoors in their natural environment where they are free to express their species-specific behaviors. We believe this makes for happy animals and ultimately, healthy customers.


Before we were farmers we were customers with convictions and concerns about what we were eating and the impact those choices had. We wanted to be fully informed consumers and now, as farmers believe that our customers do as well. It is for this reason that we make every effort to bridge the gap between our customers and their food by being transparent about how we care for our animals.


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