Bulk Purchasing- Beef


  • The cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished.

  • They are processed in a state inspected facility, cut to customer specifications.

  • Transportation to and from the processor and processing costs are included in the price.

  • Customers are charged for the exact live weight of the steer their beef comes from. The scales are certified through the Office of Weights and Measures.  A weight ticket from the processor is provided to the customer.

  • The numbers below are averages. Processing specifications such as having cuts deboned determines how much cut and wrapped product the customer receives. 

  • Customers may pick up their frozen beef at any market we attend or at our farm.


Split quarter:

  • Required freezer space: 3 cubic feet

  • Average cut and wrapped weight: 90 lbs.

  • Deposit: $400

  • Average cost breakdown: $3.80/ lb. live weight x 250 lbs. (1/4 of live weight)= $950



  • Required freezer space: 6 cubic feet

  • Average cut and wrapped weight: 180 lbs.

  • Deposit: $800

  • Average cost breakdown: $3.75/ lb. live weight x 500 lbs. (1/2 of live weight) = $1,875



  • Required freezer space: 12 cubic feet

  • Average cut and wrapped weight: 360 lbs.

  • Deposit: $1,600

  • Average cost breakdown: $3.70/ lb. live weight x 1,000 lbs. (total live weigh) = $3,700


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