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Bulk Purchasing- Beef


NOW TAKING ORDERS. Our 100% grass-fed cattle are processed in a state-inspected facility. Customers may pick up their vacuum-sealed, frozen beef at any market we attend or at our farm at a pre-arranged time. The deposit amount is deducted from the total amount due at the time of pick up. Balance is payable by cash, check, or credit card (3% fee added).  By submitting a deposit customers are agreeing to pick up their beef within 14 days of being contacted. Failure to do so will result in both the deposit and beef being forfeited.


Note: Due to variation in the size of cattle and processing, please expect that the quantities listed below within each product category may vary slightly. The total weight received will be at or above what is listed below.

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Eighth Beef
Quarter Beef
Half Beef
Whole Beef
Ground Beef
18 lbs
35 lbs
70 lbs
140 lbs
Additional Cuts (Brisket, Shank, Soup Bones)
6 lbs
12 lbs
25 lbs
50 lbs
Roasts Included (Sirloin Tip, Chuck, Arm)
9 lbs
18 lbs
35 lbs
70 lbs
Steaks Included (Filet, Ribeye, NY Strip, Flank, Skirt, Flat Iron, Sirloin)
8 lbs
15 lbs
30 lbs
60 lbs
Price Per Pound
$13.75 per pound
$13.12 per pound
$12.50 per pound
$11.87 per pound
Total Cost
Total Weight
40 lbs
80 lbs
160 lbs
320 lbs
Freezer Space
1.25 cubic feet
2.5 cubic feet
5 cubic feet
10 cubic feet
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